• Clouds over Mountains
  • Moon Over Mountain
  • Not all who wonder are lost
  • Blue ground vover amoungst trees
  • Setting sun
  • Halo around setting sun
  • Car opn dirt road into mountains
  • Einstein
  • Looking through flowers to clouds
  • Free Yourself
  • The time to be happy is now
  • Todayh is a Good Day
  • Heart in the clouds
  • The energy of Love
  • You dance inside my heart - rumi
  • I am
  • Geese flying over the setting sun
  • Grace carved on a stone
  •  moment is the only moment available to us
  • At the end of life what really matters is not what we bought but what we built
  • Where attention goes energy flows
  • Align your focus with the solution not the problem
  • I can and i will
  • Floating Lily, the soul

Why I like to write Visionary Fiction


     Why have I joined the Visionary Fiction Alliance?  I joined the Visionary Fiction Alliance as a perfect way to further develop Visionary Fiction as a recognized genre, to promote Visionary Fiction Authors, and to make more Visionary Fiction books available for Visionary Fiction readers.

     What is the literary genre Visionary Fiction all about?  The way I understand it Visionary Fiction is all about Fiction Novels written with the intent to Transform Human Consciousness.  Here is my own personal story as to why I like to write Visionary Fiction.
      As a published Author I have been writing, in a more formal sense, since the late 1990’s.  Previous to this more intensive phase of my writing journey, I did write poetry in my teenage days, and even carried a pen and paper in my coat pocket at all times to catch inspirations as they came to me, before they were lost into the momentum of the busy day with many tasks at hand.  At that time I thought of myself as a poet.  After all poetry was everything I had ever written.  I collected many of my written poems which were typed on my old fashioned, original typewriter.  Eventually, after some careful thought, I burned these poems in a somewhat ceremonial, inconspicuous bonfire in my backyard; in favor of focusing one hundred percent upon my education to become established in my career as a Preschool Therapist, working with preschool age children with severe emotional and behavioral challenges, and later on Yoga Teacher, Family Counselor, and Transformational Life Coach.
      In my mid-forty’s, after my long time marriage fell apart, having raised three children, and having completed further university education, I found myself operating a successful home based business and longing for some creative expression to balance the business side of my everyday life experience.  I realized my situation was perfect for writing and soon decided to write a collection of one hundred poems which became my first published book, in the year 2000.  While continuing to run my business I ventured on to write more poetry, along with fiction and non-fiction books which were all successfully published.  My literary experience during this phase would rightly be called exploratory.  I was writing across many formats yet found there was always a psychological, spiritual, and universally inspirational depth to my written expressions.  This was the golden thread that linked all my writings together into a cohesive wholeness - universal depth!  I had always perceived myself as a creative writer, being open enough to write across diverse formats.  For me this worked well since I could go with the flow of my inspirations.  However, I never really thought of myself as a writer focused on a specific genre.
      In the year 2014, I decided to do something highly experimental for my next writing project.  I wanted this particular manuscript to be an experience of inspired flow, and to create my first solo authored Fiction book.  Serendipity Happens is the Visionary Fiction, ‘Cosmic’ Romance book which emerged, published 2019.  Through writing this book my original intent was to write free style; no plot outline, no character profile, no manuscript length to aim for.  I just wanted the words to flow spontaneously through inspiration, intuition, life experiences, and ideas.  My desire was to have life speak to me through my personal everyday encounters with people, books, songs, reflective moments, and meditations.  For me this was a new type of encounter with the written word, and during the following four years until the manuscript was complete my hopes were manifest.  By being so very open and trusting in the universe and all life around me, I realized even more than initially anticipated; I made a very important discovery about myself as an Author.   I accomplished much more than the fulfillment of my hopes and the completion of my manuscript.  Why did I accomplish much more?  Because, in the process of writing Serendipity Happens,  I discovered about the newly emerging literary genre of Visionary Fiction. 
      Here is how it happened.  I had recently read some article posts about Visionary Fiction, a literary genre I had never heard of before.  Early one quiet morning it dawned on me that Serendipity Happens was indeed a book that fit quite comfortably into the genre of Visionary Fiction.  And, by no mere coincidence, this resulted in my peak experience moment of awakening!  I am indeed a Visionary Fiction Author!  And, I feel more completely self expressed, in a literary sense, when writing in this genre!  It was a eureka moment!  As if I had at long last discovered a significant aspect of my life calling! 
      In reflection on my other poetry, fiction, and non-fiction books I realized that a  Visionary dimension to my writing existed in all of my published books.  With this insight in mind, I knew my literary expressions were now brought together into a clear theme.  For me it is simply natural to write in a Visionary style. 
      I envision my future writings as Visionary, and it is my hope that life will gift me with enough time to bring this dream to reality.  I’m entering into my retirement years now, and will devote even more of my time to family, to slowing down my pace of living, and to spiritual deepening.  I will often sit in my rocking chair by the fireplace and knit some beautiful hats, scarves, sweaters, and blankets for my children and grandchildren.  And, in-between making hand-knit gifts, it is my hope to write a few more Visionary Fiction books as well.  In fact, Visionary Fiction has become my favourite mode of written expression, along with Poetry.
      With my new discovery about the emergence of Visionary Fiction as becoming a newly recognized genre and with the identification of my writings as Visionary, along with my immense satisfaction in writing Serendipity Happens, I decided to research further into exactly what encompasses the term Visionary Fiction.

     While researching, I discovered a wonderful quote - 

“Visionary Fiction speaks the language of the soul.
It offers a vision of humanity as we dream it could be.”
- Jodine Turner

     According to the Visionary Fiction Alliance, a group formed to promote Visionary Fiction Authors and the genre of Visionary Fiction, there are some clearly identifiable features of Visionary Fiction.  First, growth of consciousness is a central theme of the story and motivating force of the main characters.  Second, the story often includes dreams, visions, psychic abilities, paranormal events, and metaphysical qualities.  Third, the worldview of the story is universal.  Furthermore, our limitless human potential is highlighted.  Transformation and evolution of humanity are entirely possible with Visionary Fiction.
      Victor E. Smith is a notable Visionary Fiction Author and explains that Carl Jung described the term Visionary Fiction in a 1929 lecture, “Psychology and Literature,” as a super-genre which provides a more experiential dimension for stories that can go beyond the familiar, and delve deeper, enabling the reader to surpass their current understanding of reality and truth.  The other super-genre is more psychological with a focus on conscious experience, what is already known to the reader, and the focus in general is known as Realism.
      Monty Joynes describes the genre of Visionary Fiction as dealing with shifts in awareness and enhanced Metaphysical understanding of the main characters.  The plot of the story is usually more concerned with internal experiences than external events.  Often there are non-linear means to develop the content of the book such as dreams or extra sensory experiences etc.
      After learning more about Visionary Fiction it is very clear as to why I like to write Visionary Fiction.  I enjoy the way I can openly explore Body/Mind/Spirit content.  I thrive on the freedom of writing my story around a spiritual theme which includes such elements as expanded awareness, uplifted perception, personal power, and paranormal experience, along with growth in consciousness. I like to take readers on an inner journey of new awareness and possibilities. Most importantly, writing Visionary Fiction provides me with a highly experiential format for readers so they may share in expanded insights, inspirations, and experiences as they journey through the story.  I feel that I have achieved my goal when I know readers will experience greater depth of understanding and awareness at a metaphysical level; an experience for readers that strikes a chord deep in their body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul.  These are the reasons why I like to write Visionary Fiction.
      My explicit intention in writing Visionary Fiction is to create a story that journeys beyond the current world toward a new vision of a New Earth.  I enjoy writing Visionary Fiction for readers who want  to sit down with a good book and have fun reading a story that captivates their emotions, and brings enjoyment, entertainment, as well as spiritual growth and learning.  I like to write about societies with new frameworks and social structures, and new views of life, death, and human potential. I feel happy when my writing delves into an enhanced understanding of the true nature of the human being and moves toward images of enlightened wisdom lifestyles, and a vision of humanity as we dream it could be.

     A few of my favourite books by other Visionary Fiction Authors are -
“The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield
“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo
“Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach
“Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman